Should the B&I Lions play the Super Rugby teams?

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Hell to scalpers

Expat Dad SG:

Sharing Sunday: A good piece looking at the resale of tickets for sporting events. It was a big topic over here in the run up to the Super Rugby final and I’m sure will come up later in the year at the Rugby World Cup.

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Ok, ok, I know I’m over a week late to this particular party but there’s a good reason – I’ve been giving it some thought! *gasp*

Ticket scalping was a major source of angst last week when media organisations reported that tickets to the Super Rugby final had sold out in less than a minute. It then took even less time, following that, for people who clearly never had any intention of going to the game to start trying to sell their tickets on Trade Me for ridiculous prices.

There appear to be two schools of thought on this. Scalpers are either scum of the earth who must be stopped at all costs, or entrepreneurs for whom the only laws that should apply are those of supply and demand, and Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

I definitely lean towards the former, it’s just the “at all costs” part where I get…

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