Rugby Thoughts – Premiership games in the great U.S. of A.

My random thoughts on rugby over the past week touching on Aviva Premiership games in USA,┬áJapan’s new Super Rugby Franchise and doping.

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LV= Cup 2014-2015 Preview

So what do you do when your best players are away playing international rugby? You hold a cup competition that doesn’t bring in much cash and has no extra reward of winning it. Welcome to the unloved LC= Cup. Continue reading

European Rugby Cups 2014-2015 Round 2 Review

Another full on weekend of european rugby has gone past and we get a few weeks to recuperate. Here is my review after the second set of games.

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The Class of 2013 – Junior World Cup Winners

England won the junior world cup in 2013 for the first time. The best players of their age group. How are they coping now they are not competing just against those their own age but against players from 15 or so age groups? Let’s see where they are now and how they are getting on.

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European Rugby Cups 2014-2015 Round 1 Review

The start of a brave new world has happened. Well at least a weekend of european rugby with many of the same old stereotypes confirmed.

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North vrs South

Having moved to Auckland recently, it’s allowed me to get to Eden Park a few times to Test, Super and ITM Cup rugby. Whilst it’s been a decade since I got to a game in the northern hemisphere there were a few things that struck me as being very different.

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