Summer Delicacies

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Love the watermelon pizza idea

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Immediately upon our return from Germany, we hosted a play date. I’ve been wanting get back to healthy eating habits since the trip so I wanted to offer something else than ice cream.

First I stole the idea of a “watermelone pizza”, from my second cousin. Simple and delicious, easy for small children help making and  a great hit in the heat. My second cousin and her partner have a cool little crafts business that you can find here (in Finnish only).


Cooking with Wall Flower came to rescue as well with her great post on 10 Desserts Perfect for Summer. I made the #4 Frozen Yoghurt with Blueberries too, and kids were happy to get “ice cream”. At home we have also dipped strawberries in yoghurt (#3) and enjoyed popsicles (#9). Anyway, it seems a little twist in ordinary healthy snacks are always helpful too, like  serving 

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10x Free but Fun in New Zealand

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Love this ladies stuff, didn’t realise that she had a post on NZ….

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New Zealand is a great country to go to, if you want to have a full schedule but don’t want to spend too much on your activities. Obviously it is not a budget option if you include the flight prices: it is far from almost everywhere. Unfortunately travelling within NZ is not that cheap either there is virtually no public transport to speak of, so you’ll need to rent or buy a car. The rental prices are pretty ok though but the fuel prices were not merciful on the wallet either. Also, if you want to participate in the multitude of the cool experiences NZ offers from zorbing to rafting it is also easy to spend loads in a short time. But in the beautiful country there is so much to see and to do for free or just a little money too.

Here are my 10 best tips for…

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